Friday, February 23, 2018

Day 10: Perinatal Hospice - Friday

Question for Friday:
After Jesus was condemned to die, did His life become worth less?

Medicine's abilities to diagnose life-threatening birth defects
        vastly outstrips its competence to treat them.
Imagine the anguish of learning
        that the child you are carrying may well die within hours of birth.

Most parents are counseled to abort;
        and in one study, 87 of 112 such children were indeed aborted.

Jesus, who Created these children, has far better counsel;
        and you are privileged to speak it.

Choosing Thomas (about Trisomy 13) and
Jaxton's Story - A Trisomy 18 Battle
help us understand these challenges.

You can directly support such brave and blessed parents
        by organizing for Perinatal Hospice support in your own local hospital.

Almighty and everlasting God, you give and you take away according to your wisdom and grace.  We thank you for all the mercies granted to Your child, during his short life on earth and for taking him to yourself. According to your gracious will, comfort those who mourn with the assurance that through the power of Holy Baptism this beloved child was delivered from sin and has been received among the saints in glory. Keep all of us in your grace so that when our last hour comes we may depart in peace; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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