Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Day 15: Victims of Incest

Incest is an especially heinous form of sexual assault in which the perpetrators are the very people put there by the Father to protect the child. It is an abuse of authority shielded by a cloak of secrecy.
Pregnancy threatens to reveal the secret and change the power dynamic. It is not the victim (often too young to know she is pregnant) who seeks abortion, but the perpetrators. Abortion providers, Planned Parenthood, and disfunctional parents often conspire to veil the truth of incest and to return the power to the perpetrator.
While the courts should be a sanctuary for victims trapped in this web, Judicial Bypass laws tie the hands of judges, prevent the young women from having their own advocates, and return the power back to the perpetrators and their enablers.
To help these women and the children conceived, we can work to change the laws on Judicial Bypass and expose the myth that abortions in cases of incest help anyone other than the perpetrators.

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