Friday, March 16, 2018

Day 31: Post-Abortive Mothers

"Only the mother can nurture her unborn child.
All that the rest of us can do is to nurture and protect the mother."

"Saving the unborn is a natural byproduct of helping women.
Conversely, we can never hope to succeed in our efforts to protect the unborn
without first and foremost protecting women."

Over 70% of women undergoing abortion already believe it is morally wrong. You may serve such a woman. Do you know how to help her?

She is already convicted. She needs to be free to confess her guilt and hear the absolution. This means an atmosphere of love, respect, and understanding. Understand the oppressive despair that overwhelmed her own conscience. Respect her enough not to dismiss her guilt. Love the one who is too ashamed to face herself.

"While it takes the blood of Jesus to deliver us from guilt,
it takes the acceptance of others to deliver us from shame."
If you have had an abortion and need to talk to a compassionate and experienced counselor, please call Word of Hope Hotline at 888-217-8679.

Pastors will benefit by reading chapter one of The Jericho Plan, by Dr. David Reardon.

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