Saturday, March 17, 2018

Day 32: Post-Abortive Fathers

There are as many men who have experienced abortion as women.
This fact is as obvious as it is overlooked.

As you are looking for people in need of healing, do not overlook the fathers. Since abortion laws strip fathers of parental rights, they experience abortion in a wide range of scenarios, from active encouragement and manipulation of the mother to procure one, all the way through total helplessness to prevent the mother from doing so.

Each scenario damages the spirit in a profound, yet unique, way. Such men can benefit greatly from a seelsorger who can listen with understanding. Here are some resources to help.

Website: Reclaiming Fatherhood: A Multifaceted Examination of Men Dealing with Abortion
Books: Fatherhood Aborted: The Profound Effects of Abortion on Men, Guy Condon and David Hazard
            Men and Abortion: A Path to Healing, C. T. Coyle

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