Sunday, March 25, 2018

Day 40: The Children Sang - Palm Sunday

All glory, laud and honor
to you, redeemer King
to whom the lips of children
with sweet hosannas ring.
(Lutheran Service Book, 442)

The glory and peace sung by the angels on Christmas
    is echoed by the multitudes on Palm Sunday.

Moreover, just as the children were slaughtered at His coming to Bethlehem (Mt. 2),
    so it is precisely the children who sing "save us, now" at His coming to Jerusalem (Mt. 21).

On further reflection, danger to mother and child regularly attend the delivering acts of God.
In Exodus, the slaughter of the Hebrew children preceded the coming of their deliverer.

In Matthew, the slaughter of Bethlehem's children announced the coming of Jesus.
        On Olivet, Jesus cries:
        "Alas for women who are pregnant and for those nursing infants in those days."

Today, we see a slaughter of innocents greater than the world has ever seen.

Although, the day or the hour remain hidden, this much is certain:
    It is high time to "look up and lift up your heads, for your salvation is drawing near."

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